Professional Speaking

Eric is high-energy, his content is great, and our members actively participated in discussing ideas and sharing their own experiences.  We all had genuine ‘a-ha’ moments that I am applying to further strengthen my own team.  I strongly recommend Eric and his programs to you.”

– Anna Hummel, Program Chair and Past President, CSCMP Delaware Valley Roundtable

Creating a Team of A-Players

How to Find, Hire, Lead, and Keep Rock-Star Employees

How do you attract more top talent to your business? How do you surround yourself with better leaders? How do you turn your leaders and managers into world-class recruiters?

Executive search consultant and thought leader Eric Herrenkohl answers these and other questions in his program Creating a Team of A-Players, based on his Amazon bestselling book How to Hire A-Players.

“As chair of four groups of CEOs and Senior Executives for Vistage International, I have heard many excellent and well known speakers over the years.  Eric Herrenkohl clearly belongs in the top tier of those who have been invited to address the CEO members of my Vistage Groups.  His book How to Hire A-Players should be required reading for all management teams (one of my CEOs stated the first 20 pages alone were worth the cost of the book).   In his similarly titled presentation, Eric combines extensive experience, in-depth knowledge and masterful presentation skills to create a seminar that is practical, counter-intuitive and fun. Eric will give you a competitive edge in the war for talent.  Not to be missed.”

– Allen Hauge, Group Chairman, Vistage International


Eric explains why the best leaders are also the best recruiters, and explains how to merge your front-line leaders and human resource staff into a world-class recruiting team. Specific takeaways from the program include:

  • The most valuable sources of top talent for your business.
  • How to develop an A-Player Profile for your own organization.
  • How to develop a “farm team” of leaders who possess A-player qualities.
  • How to create and customize tools to market your business to top talent.
  • How to more successfully “close the sale” with first-choice candidates.
  • The three most important questions to ask in any job interview.
  • How to avoid people with hidden weaknesses before they become hiring mistakes.
  • How to make reference checks valuable, even in today’s litigious society.
  • How to use leadership & sales assessments correctly during the interview process.
  • How to use your A-player insights to retain and develop current employees.

Program Formats

Every program can be delivered as a:

  • One-hour keynote presentation with question & answer time.
  • 90-minute session with expanded material, discussion, and application.
  • Three-hour session + workshop with a personalized assessment report for each participant that becomes a roadmap for implementing insights from the program.
  • Customized program that includes different elements from above.

Additional Program Enhancements

Clients often ask me to add additional value to programs through:

1. Interviews held prior to the program.
2. Additional break-out sessions and executive briefings conducted during a conference.
3. Coaching & accountability sessions facilitated after a program.