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Herrenkohl Consulting Blog

Don’t Neglect Your Superstars by Focusing Only on your Problem Children

It’s not enough to just hire A-players – you have to be able to keep them. Toward this end, don’t neglect your superstars by only focusing on your problem children.

Many executives and business owners are “fixers;” they love to jump in and fix problems.… Continue Reading >

The Most Important Questions to Ask in an Interview

After you interview people, do you have enough evidence to “convict” them of being an A-player? Do you know if they have they taken ownership, led people, figured out problems, and gotten results? And, have they gotten the kind of results that you need in this job.… Continue Reading >

LinkedIn Career Explorer – Helping Your A-Players to Visualize their Future (with or without you)

LinkedIn is introducing its Career Explorer system (initially just to high school students, soon to everyone) that allows people to map out their next career move – and it likely won’t be inside your company. The economy is still anemic (and the psychology of many A-players still conservative).… Continue Reading >

The Worst Salesperson to Hire is the B-Player

Thanks to everyone at SMEI Philadelphia for inviting me to speak earlier this week on Creating a Team of A-Players. Scott Messer, leader of Sales Evolution made an insightful comment during the program: the worst salesperson to hire is the B-player.… Continue Reading >

Now Reach a Little Higher

I sat with a group of consultants waiting for a training session to begin.  The presenter, instead of clicking to his first PowerPoint slide and beginning to drone, turned to us and said, “I would like each of you to put your right hand up in the air as high as it will go.” … Continue Reading >

Stop Making Bad Hires: 8 Steps for Improving Any Interview Process

I first realized how unscientific the hiring process was in most companies when I worked as a recruiter in the financial arena.  I was placing CFOs, Controllers, and other financial personnel with some highly regarded companies.  My clients were very successful senior executives. … Continue Reading >

A Navy SEAL Communicates Well or Dies–the Power of Candor

I once worked for a great boss who really wanted people to tell him the truth. It took me six months of working for him to adjust to his candor – because his ability to tell and hear the truth was unusual.… Continue Reading >

How to Work Hard Without Burning Out

Chris Carmichael, Lance Armstrong’s coach, tells a great story about meeting a bike racer who bragged about having ridden or raced his bike every single day for years.  Carmichael looked at him incredulously and asked how his body was holding up. … Continue Reading >

Kevin Daum: Roar: How to Get Heard in the Sales and Marketing Jungle

My fellow Wiley author Kevin Daum has written a great new book called Roar: How to Get Heard in the Sales and Marketing Jungle. There is great material in Kevin’s book on all aspects of the marketing and sales process and the importance of creating the “awesome experience.”… Continue Reading >

Check out Auren Hoffman, Summation, on A-players

Auren Hoffman writes the blog Summation. In one of his not-so-distant posts on A-players, he makes a number of good points, including:

The A-player janitor: As Auren points out, you don’t need a Harvard MBA to qualify as an A-player, and every role in your organization can be filled with a superior performer.… Continue Reading >