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Published Articles

Published Articles

Eric Herrenkohl is an esteemed author whose articles have appeared in many print and online publications, including Chicago Business, Running Intelligence, Inc.com, and monster.com. In addition, Eric is a regular columnist for the Philadelphia Business Journal; these archives are available to read here.

How to Hire Your Next A-Player

Originally Published in Running Intelligence

For most running specialty stores, hiring just one more A-player can make a huge difference in your business. If you are weighed down with multiple responsibilities –managing your retail floor, trying to drive customer acquisition, overseeing your backroom operations – it’s time to recognize that you can’t do it alone and you need to invest the time and effort required to find a great person to share the load.… Continue Reading >

Referrals and the Running Specialty Store

Originally Published in Running Intelligence

Referrals and word-of-mouth are the lifeblood of every business, and that is certainly true for a running specialty business. It is often the businesses and the individual salespeople with the strongest referral base who are weathering the current economic conditions the best.… Continue Reading >

How to Get More Value from Your Store Employees

Originally Published in Running Intelligence


Every business owner and executive knows that their employees could be contributing more to the business and its success. I once attended a business seminar where the speaker asked each person in the audience to raise his or her hand in the air as high as it would go.… Continue Reading >

Hiring A-Players for Your Specialty Running Store

Originally Published in Running Intelligence

For many of my clients in the specialty running business, business has been good even with all the real and perceived economic gloom and doom around us. So, while for other retail segments a discussion on hiring might be inappropriate right now, this article is a reminder to us as owners and managers of running stores: hiring is not about filling positions; it is about building a great team.

Continue Reading >

Getting Employees to Take Ownership

Originally Published in Running Intelligence

I recently spoke with the owners of a terrific running specialty store. They understand the retail specialty business and how to both acquire customers and create a terrific customer experience in the store. Their challenge is finding the time to do it all.… Continue Reading >

From Chief Employee to Business Architect

Originally Published in Running Intelligence

My challenge for you today is to make the first thing you work on every day be about building your business, not just doing the endless work that comes with running a business. Recognize that you have reached the point where you must let go of doing the work yourself.… Continue Reading >

Make your Small Company Stand Out to Job Candidates

Originally Published at Monster.com

Does size matter? When it comes to recruiting, small can actually be a big advantage. Follow these recommendations to inform your recruitment process at every step. You will attract A-players using your small-company culture.

Attract People Who Prefer Working for Small Companies. … Continue Reading >

How your Small Business Can Attract Top Talent

Originally Published in Monster

Your company is small but getting bigger. You don’t have a world-wide brand – yet. But you do need to find and hire A-players if you want to keep growing. If this describes your business, here are some specific tips for leveraging your current resources to find and hire A-player employees.… Continue Reading >

Hiring Overqualified Candidates

Originally Published at Monster.com

Economists say the economy is picking up, but for many job seekers times are still very tough. As a result, employers are receiving resumes from people who by all measure are over qualified for the positions they offer.… Continue Reading >

Will You Be Able to Sell Your Business One Day?

Originally Published in Forconstructionpros.com

If you ever try to sell your business, one of the first things a potential buyer will look at is your leadership team. Do you have real leaders working for you? Are they compensated the way real leaders would expect to be?… Continue Reading >