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How to Hire A-Players

How to Hire A-Players

How to Hire A-Players coverHow to Hire A-Players: Finding the Top People for Your Team – Even if You Don’t Have a Recruiting Department
by Eric Herrenkohl • Published by John Wiley & Sons, New York

How to find great employees and take your business to the next level.

Even when it’s easy to get lots of resumes, it is always tough to find A-player employees. In How to Hire A-Players, consultant Eric Herrenkohl shows owners, executives and managers of small and medium-size businesses where and how to find the real talent that makes businesses grow and thrive. Herrenkohl:

  • Explains how to use your existing marketing, sales, and networking efforts to find top candidates.
  • Shows how to define the A-player profile for key roles in your company.
  • Provides strategy for building a great team rather than just filling positions.
  • Explains why and how to build a farm team of high-value potential employees.
  • Provides examples of companies that consistently hire A-players without big recruiting departments.
  •  Gives step-by-step explanations for making these strategies work in your own company.
“It takes A-players to conceive, design and build a world class business system so C-players can produce A-player results. How To Hire A-Players tells you how to find the A-players you need to grow your business. Read it, or forever settle for less than you deserve.”

– Michael E. Gerber Author of The E-Myth books and The Most Successful Small Business in the World

This book is ideal for the owners of small businesses and for executives who lead growing mid-sized companies. The book is also designed to provide corporate recruiters and HR specialists with creative recruiting ideas.

A-player employees are the life blood of any growing business. Even when potential hires are easy to come by, finding the A-players who can change your business for the better is never easy. This handy hiring guide shows you where to look, what to ask, and who to hire.

Order the book now from Barnes and Noble,Amazon.com800-CEO-READBooks-A-Million, or Joseph Fox Bookshop.

For more information about How to Hire A-Players, visit the book site.