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Reference Checks

Reference Checks

reference360How to gain their full value

Companies today often have strict policies on providing references, and many prohibit their employees from providing any meaningful feedback on past employees. But, this doesn’t mean that reference checks have lost their value during the hiring process.

The truth is, no one ever got sued for giving an enthusiastic reference. For example, I recently called a Fortune 50 supply chain executive for a reference check. Right off the bat, he told me that his company had a stringent policy against providing references of any kind. But, he then proceeded to provide me with a glowing reference for the candidate, outlining all the reasons why she was a fantastic leader and would be a great hire. “Technically, I am not supposed to be telling you this,” he said. “But she’s terrific, and I don’t mind telling you that.”
In my experience, if a candidate is genuinely terrific – as a person and as a leader – you will find people across his or her career who will tell you so. Conversely, when I cannot find even a small handful of references who will give me more than her “name, rank, and serial number,” I get concerned.
But sometimes, I have had references for excellent performers who refuse to speak to me. When this happens, I am almost always able to have candidates provide additional references who will talk to me and provide meaningful comments.
For times when you’re struggling to get what you need from references, try the following five tactics.

To read more, see my full article in the LinkedIn Talent Blog.



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