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Leadership and Sales Assessments

Leadership and Sales Assessments

The Herrenkohl Consulting Performance Analysis clearly reveals things about job candidates that are difficult to detect in a job interview.  We had one candidate who did well in an initial interview, but whose assessment results raised some questions.  Based on those results, we asked some more focused questions in a subsequent interview.  The candidate’s answers were not what we were looking for, and we disqualified the candidate.  I view the Performance Analysis as a valuable tool for identifying and hiring people who can and will produce.”

– Eric McCully, SVP – Finance, Targetbase (Member of the Omnicom Group)

Infographic imageWe help hundreds of companies like yours to reduce hiring mistakes, hire A-players, and create better individual and team performance. As part of these processes, we often use validated personnel assessments to provide quick and accurate insight into your current and potential employees. The right personnel assessments are great tools for getting insights into employees and job candidates early enough that problems can be avoided and talents capitalized upon. We employ versions of these tools when designing recruiting and interview systems, providing executive coaching, and leading teamwork and leadership development programs. They allow us to inject quantifiable data into a qualitative conversation.



• Reduce costly hiring mistakes.
• Identify A-players during the job interview process.
• Uncover individuals in the interview process who can and will sell.
• Pinpoint areas for coaching & development in current employees.
• Identify strengths and weaknesses in your leadership and management team.
• Improve teamwork and communication within your organization.

Assessment Provider

We have chosen Target Training International of Scottsdale AZ as our personnel assessment provider. In assessing the tools of a number of companies, TTI stands out because of its 30 years of experience and its research-based, well validated tools. TTI tools have been used to assess over 5 million individuals world-wide. We provide over 30 TTI assessment tools with an emphasis on the Trimetrix® system, a patented process for analyzing both positions and people and helping to ensure that the individual you hire is the best fit for the position you are filling.


TriMetrix® is a registered trademark of Target Training International Ltd. and Performance Benchmarking, Inc.