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Employee Retention

Herrenkohl’s 5 Insights for Better Hires from Your Employee Referral Program

People have asked me for years whether I think they should have a program that rewards employees for referring potential new hires. I’ve never been against them, but over the last several years I have been counseling executives to make sure they have such programs in place.… Continue Reading >

Vynamic: Your Employees Should Be Your Best Recruiters

Vynamic is so successful in turning their employees into recruiters because they are intentionally and intensively investing in their employees’ experience with the firm. As Dan Calista says, “The absolute best thing that you can do for your recruiting is to exceed the expectations of your current team members. … Continue Reading >

Victor Allis and Quintiq: Fairness is Fundamental

Nothing jeopardizes a high performing corporate culture more than real or perceived unfairness. Conversely, nothing engenders loyalty like a leader and a culture that is committed to being straightforward and fair in dealing with people.

Anyone with kids knows that the word “fair” quickly becomes a four-letter word.… Continue Reading >

Half the Battle is Letting Your Rock Stars Know You Care

Originally published on March 29, 2013 in the Philadelphia Business Journal.

One day a client called me and said, “Eric, I am hiring you to help me pass the Thanksgiving test with my employees.” Like any good consultant, I said, “David, terrific, I accept.… Continue Reading >

Don’t Neglect Your Superstars by Focusing Only on your Problem Children

It’s not enough to just hire A-players – you have to be able to keep them. Toward this end, don’t neglect your superstars by only focusing on your problem children.

Many executives and business owners are “fixers;” they love to jump in and fix problems.… Continue Reading >

Know Your A-Player Profile

Earl Weaver, former manager of the Baltimore Orioles, has nothing but contempt for modern day baseball philosophy that emphasizes statistical analysis to manage games. Weaver’s philosophy (minus the expletives) is simple: get the strongest players you can and have them hit the ball out of the park.… Continue Reading >

Domino’s Pizza and Building a Team of A-Players

Last January, the New York Times ran a great article about building a business by creating a team of A-players (For a Franchise, Success is in the Hiring; January 6, 2008). The article introduces Dave Melton, who owns 5 Domino’s Pizza stores in NYC with total sales of $5 million, has 100 employees – and experiences essentially zero turnover.… Continue Reading >

How to Get More Value from Your Employees

Originally Published in Running Intelligence


Every business owner and executive knows that their employees could be contributing more to the business and its success. I once attended a business seminar where the speaker asked each person in the audience to raise his or her hand in the air as high as it would go.… Continue Reading >

Simple Steps for Coaching A-Players

Here are three simple steps you can take to retain your A-player employees and get the best results from them:

1. Take time to discuss individual goals. Employees, particularly younger employees, are hungry for mentoring. Taking the time to have lunch with a high-value employee and listen to their goals can help that person feel valued.… Continue Reading >

Albert Einstein and Persistence

Everyone knows that intelligence was key to Albert Einstein’s success. Equally important, however, was his persistence. Einstein toiled away as a low-level civil servant in the Swiss patent office. All the while, he was doggedly focused on trying to solve the grandest problems of theoretical physics.… Continue Reading >