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Hiring — Page 2

How to Hire Your Next A-Player

Originally Published in Running Intelligence

For most running specialty stores, hiring just one more A-player can make a huge difference in your business. If you are weighed down with multiple responsibilities –managing your retail floor, trying to drive customer acquisition, overseeing your backroom operations – it’s time to recognize that you can’t do it alone and you need to invest the time and effort required to find a great person to share the load.… Continue Reading >

How to weight personnel assessment results in a hiring decision

A client recently asked me how to weight personnel assessment results in a hiring decision. Here is my answer:

The assessments should not exceed 1/3 of the hiring decision. In rank, I would say:

1. Drive and passion – what are their goals and how do they align with what you have to offer, including $.… Continue Reading >

Do your new salespeople need to have industry experience?

In a down economy, everyone wants to hire perfect candidates: great sales skills, industry experience, and a book of business. If you find that person and can afford them, hire them. Beyond that scenario, keep in mind that you are typically better off hiring someone with great sales skills who does not know your industry vs.… Continue Reading >

Building a Farm Team in a Down Economy

In a recent talk to Philadelphia executives, I explained how to build a “farm team” of strong potential employees. Farm team is a baseball term. Every major league baseball team has multiple minor league teams made up of players ready to be called up to the big leagues with little notice.… Continue Reading >

A-Players are Attracted by High Standards

An executive recently interviewed for and accepted a leadership role with a new company. As part of the interview process, the company required him to go through multiple interviews and a series of leadership and management assessments. The human resource person apologized to this man for how much time the whole process took – she was embarrassed that he had to take most of the day to complete the assessment process.… Continue Reading >

The Key to Hiring and Keeping the Best

Originally Published in Inc.com and Monster.com 

Of course, you want to attract and keep great people. Here are four steps you can take to recruit the best and keep them:

1. Define What Your New Hire Needs to Do Take the time to define what you need the person in this job to accomplish.… Continue Reading >

Paying People for What They Know

A good friend of mine is a real-estate developer. He recently asked two contractors to bid on some work. The first contractor said the project was too complicated to bid and therefore he would only take the project on a ‘time and materials’ basis.… Continue Reading >

One Year of Experience Three Times

Before starting my company I worked as a “headhunter.” Weekly, I would meet with all the other recruiters in our office to discuss which candidates would be presented to our clients for interviews. The Managing Partner asked a great question in these sessions that has stuck with me for years: “Does that person have three years of experience, or one year of experience three times?”… Continue Reading >

Choosing the Perfect Job

Originally Published at Monster.com

When it comes to deciding what job is right for you, take a moment to think about the ways in which you are unique. Then ask, “what job will play to my unique combination of motivations, talents, and skills?”… Continue Reading >