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Leave the Binder at Home: A Discussion with John Kenagy, Legacy Health

Without confidence, we won’t have the courage to be decisive – and if leadership roles require anything, it is the ability to make decisions, lots of them.  However, this required confidence can lapse into unhelpful cockiness. We move from confident to cocky when we think we know the answers before the questions are asked.… Continue Reading >

Reference Checks

How to gain their full value

Companies today often have strict policies on providing references, and many prohibit their employees from providing any meaningful feedback on past employees. But, this doesn’t mean that reference checks have lost their value during the hiring process.… Continue Reading >

Leave Your Parents at Home! Advice for Young Job Seekers

Originally published on October 4, 2013 in the Philadelphia Business Journal.

On a recent weekend, I spent about an hour on the phone coaching a young family friend in preparation for a phone interview. For months, he has been holding down a job that he does not like and trying to find the time to interview for other roles.… Continue Reading >

When ‘Good’ Job Candidates Don’t Pan Out

Originally published on July 19, 2013 in the Philadelphia Business Journal. 

It is difficult but critical to say “no” to candidates who do possess some basic qualifications but lack key talents.

A while back, I was in the middle of an executive search for a food and beverage manufacturer.… Continue Reading >

He was the Guy Wearing Shorts and Riding a Motorcycle

Originally published on February 1, 2013 in the Philadelphia Business Journal.

I once helped a young friend of mine get an interview with the CEO of one of my clients. The CEO ran a chain of franchise running shoe stores. The young man worked for a large manufacturer of products in the fitness industry — so it seemed like a good fit.… Continue Reading >

Keep Your Couch Full: Interview All the Time

Originally published on November 2, 2012 in the Philadelphia  Business Journal.

Chris Burkhard is a friend and colleague of mine and is president of CBI Group in Delaware, a full-service recruiting firm. Chris tells a great story about the importance of interviewing all the time if you are serious about consistently hiring A-players.… Continue Reading >

The Most Important Questions to Ask in an Interview

After you interview people, do you have enough evidence to “convict” them of being an A-player? Do you know if they have they taken ownership, led people, figured out problems, and gotten results? And, have they gotten the kind of results that you need in this job.… Continue Reading >

Stop Making Bad Hires: 8 Steps for Improving Any Interview Process

I first realized how unscientific the hiring process was in most companies when I worked as a recruiter in the financial arena.  I was placing CFOs, Controllers, and other financial personnel with some highly regarded companies.  My clients were very successful senior executives. … Continue Reading >

How to weight personnel assessment results in a hiring decision

A client recently asked me how to weight personnel assessment results in a hiring decision. Here is my answer:

The assessments should not exceed 1/3 of the hiring decision. In rank, I would say:

1. Drive and passion – what are their goals and how do they align with what you have to offer, including $.… Continue Reading >

Building a Farm Team in a Down Economy

In a recent talk to Philadelphia executives, I explained how to build a “farm team” of strong potential employees. Farm team is a baseball term. Every major league baseball team has multiple minor league teams made up of players ready to be called up to the big leagues with little notice.… Continue Reading >