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Vynamic: Your Employees Should Be Your Best Recruiters

Vynamic is so successful in turning their employees into recruiters because they are intentionally and intensively investing in their employees’ experience with the firm. As Dan Calista says, “The absolute best thing that you can do for your recruiting is to exceed the expectations of your current team members. … Continue Reading >

Victor Allis and Quintiq: Fairness is Fundamental

Nothing jeopardizes a high performing corporate culture more than real or perceived unfairness. Conversely, nothing engenders loyalty like a leader and a culture that is committed to being straightforward and fair in dealing with people.

Anyone with kids knows that the word “fair” quickly becomes a four-letter word.… Continue Reading >

Please Give Me a 10: How Good Measurements Hurt Customer Satisfaction

Originally published on December 23, 2013 in the Philadelphia Business Journal.

Managers know that systems for measuring performance are foundational for leading teams that perform well. However, the existence of a rigorous system for measuring performance does not guarantee that performance will improve.… Continue Reading >

Winning Hearts and Minds at Work: The Best Ways for Success

Originally published  on June 7, 2013 in the Philadelphia Business Journal.

Fifteen employees sit around a conference table, fearful of why they have been invited for lunch with the new plant manager. For many of them, it is the first time they have ever been on “executive row.”… Continue Reading >

Half the Battle is Letting Your Rock Stars Know You Care

Originally published on March 29, 2013 in the Philadelphia Business Journal.

One day a client called me and said, “Eric, I am hiring you to help me pass the Thanksgiving test with my employees.” Like any good consultant, I said, “David, terrific, I accept.… Continue Reading >

A Navy SEAL Communicates Well or Dies–the Power of Candor

I once worked for a great boss who really wanted people to tell him the truth. It took me six months of working for him to adjust to his candor – because his ability to tell and hear the truth was unusual.… Continue Reading >

How to Get More Value from Your Employees

Originally Published in Running Intelligence


Every business owner and executive knows that their employees could be contributing more to the business and its success. I once attended a business seminar where the speaker asked each person in the audience to raise his or her hand in the air as high as it would go.… Continue Reading >

Simple Steps for Coaching A-Players

Here are three simple steps you can take to retain your A-player employees and get the best results from them:

1. Take time to discuss individual goals. Employees, particularly younger employees, are hungry for mentoring. Taking the time to have lunch with a high-value employee and listen to their goals can help that person feel valued.… Continue Reading >

Leaders vs. Loners

A client of mine recently lost a key manager from his business.  This departure coincided with my client’s increased desire to get re-involved in the day-to-day operations of the business.  As he got more involved, he realized that many of the employees in the business had great ideas for how things could be done better. … Continue Reading >

What is Your Real Job?

What is your real job?

I recently had a realization: 10-15% of my job is to be a writer. Up until now, I have treated writing as something that is peripheral to my real job of personnel assessment, coaching, and speaking.… Continue Reading >