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Performance Principles

Now Reach a Little Higher

I sat with a group of consultants waiting for a training session to begin.  The presenter, instead of clicking to his first PowerPoint slide and beginning to drone, turned to us and said, “I would like each of you to put your right hand up in the air as high as it will go.” … Continue Reading >

How to Work Hard Without Burning Out

Chris Carmichael, Lance Armstrong’s coach, tells a great story about meeting a bike racer who bragged about having ridden or raced his bike every single day for years.  Carmichael looked at him incredulously and asked how his body was holding up. … Continue Reading >

We Have to Manage Ourselves

In his classic Harvard Business Review article Managing Oneself, Peter Drucker talked about the importance of managing yourself well if you hope to achieve meaningful success. Among other great examples, he described how Dwight Eisenhower was renowned for conducting effective press conferences as Supreme Allied Commander in Europe during World War II.… Continue Reading >

You Can’t Fake Passion

I just attended a fantastic event in New York City led by a number of very bright people in the publishing and promotion world. After an evening of great material, each panelist was asked to provide one final piece of advice.… Continue Reading >

Ten Years to be an Overnight Success

A client of mine sold the first of several businesses he started and pocketed about 30 million dollars at the age of 35.  He received a fair amount of attention in his industry for his accomplishments and some media attention as well. … Continue Reading >

The Downfall of My Favorite Restaurant

I went to my favorite restaurant in West Philly yesterday for lunch. I found this place a couple of years ago. The food was phenomenal and it was always packed with Penn students and faculty. Business was good enough that, this past summer, they closed down for a month and did a complete renovation.… Continue Reading >

Keep Your Eyes Downhill, and Your Skis Will Follow

Occasionally, I get to downhill ski.  On our last trip, I finally learned how to handle the black-diamond mogul runs.  When skiing one of these steep slopes in the past, I usually ended up flat on my back.  If not, I was off on the edge of the slope, my skis pointed into the forest, completely sideways on the mountain. … Continue Reading >

You Have a Beautiful Home

When my wife and I sold our home in St. Louis to move to Philadelphia, we interviewed a number of realtors. One of my standard questions to these realtors was, “What are the problems with this house? What do we need to change or neutralize in order to sell it for the maximum price?”… Continue Reading >

Building a Farm Team in a Down Economy

In a recent talk to Philadelphia executives, I explained how to build a “farm team” of strong potential employees. Farm team is a baseball term. Every major league baseball team has multiple minor league teams made up of players ready to be called up to the big leagues with little notice.… Continue Reading >

How an Individual Star Can Become a Powerful Coach

A Boeing executive recently told me about one of the best hires he ever made. Among other things, this individual is a terrific coach. As his boss described, “he knows the right answer 95 percent of the time but spends a majority of his time asking questions, not providing answers.… Continue Reading >