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Performance Principles — Page 2

A-Players are Attracted by High Standards

An executive recently interviewed for and accepted a leadership role with a new company. As part of the interview process, the company required him to go through multiple interviews and a series of leadership and management assessments. The human resource person apologized to this man for how much time the whole process took – she was embarrassed that he had to take most of the day to complete the assessment process.… Continue Reading >

Investing in Relationships

In 1993, mountain climber Greg Mortenson got lost after a failed attempt to summit K2 in the Himalayan mountains. He wandered into a remote village in Pakistan where the locals cared for him. As he recovered, he found that the 82 children of Korphe had no school building and a teacher only 3 days a week.… Continue Reading >

Leaders vs. Loners

A client of mine recently lost a key manager from his business.  This departure coincided with my client’s increased desire to get re-involved in the day-to-day operations of the business.  As he got more involved, he realized that many of the employees in the business had great ideas for how things could be done better. … Continue Reading >

Who Do You Have in the Booth?

Back in December, the Washington Redskins were playing the Vikings in Minnesota. The Redskins were up by 11 when they turned the ball over. The crowd went crazy at the Metrodome, and the Vikings seemed to have recaptured the momentum and to have a chance to win the game.… Continue Reading >

Know, Like, Trust

I recently joined a group focused on helping CEOs to build effective business relationships with their peers. Several years ago, I would have felt the pressure to quickly sell our personnel assessment services to at least one of the members in order to justify the time I spend at the group.… Continue Reading >

What is Your Real Job?

What is your real job?

I recently had a realization: 10-15% of my job is to be a writer. Up until now, I have treated writing as something that is peripheral to my real job of personnel assessment, coaching, and speaking.… Continue Reading >

The Best People Need the Best People

When Lyndon Johnson entered the Senate, he was one of the first Senators to understand the power of a high-caliber staff. During key Senate hearings about the Korean War, Richard Russell of Georgia, the most powerful Senator of the time, borrowed some of Johnson’s staff to support his hearings.… Continue Reading >

Failure is a Knowledgeable but Harsh Teacher

Danish cyclist Michael Rasmussen is currently the leader of the 2,200 mile Tour de France. Rasmussen is an excellent cyclist, but is known by many cycling fans for his humiliating individual time trial two years ago. Coming into the day poised to take 3rd place in the Tour, Rasmussen crashed several times, changed his bike twice, changed his wheel twice, and as a result of his crashes finished the day with his bare bottom hanging out of his bike shorts.… Continue Reading >

Leadership in a Psychiatric Hospital

People have all sorts of interesting stories from previous job experiences. One of my clients spent a number of years managing a department in a psychiatric hospital, including 5 years heading up the crisis intervention team. In a psych hospital, he says, it is when things are going well that you have to be especially aware.… Continue Reading >

The 80/20 Principle is Alive and Well

I recently worked with a client to set clear goals for their managers and staff. In this process, we uncovered a common problem: the firm’s partners spent too much time coaching underperformers and not enough time developing their most effective people.… Continue Reading >