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Leave the Binder at Home: A Discussion with John Kenagy, Legacy Health

Without confidence, we won’t have the courage to be decisive – and if leadership roles require anything, it is the ability to make decisions, lots of them.  However, this required confidence can lapse into unhelpful cockiness. We move from confident to cocky when we think we know the answers before the questions are asked.… Continue Reading >

Leave Your Parents at Home! Advice for Young Job Seekers

Originally published on October 4, 2013 in the Philadelphia Business Journal.

On a recent weekend, I spent about an hour on the phone coaching a young family friend in preparation for a phone interview. For months, he has been holding down a job that he does not like and trying to find the time to interview for other roles.… Continue Reading >

“She thought I knew a lot because I knew different things from her…”

“She thought I knew a lot because I knew different things from her…” Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby Stop being intimidated by people’s knowledge – for the most part, they just have a different set of experiences than do you.… Continue Reading >

Ten Years to be an Overnight Success

A client of mine sold the first of several businesses he started and pocketed about 30 million dollars at the age of 35.  He received a fair amount of attention in his industry for his accomplishments and some media attention as well. … Continue Reading >

Keep Your Eyes Downhill, and Your Skis Will Follow

Occasionally, I get to downhill ski.  On our last trip, I finally learned how to handle the black-diamond mogul runs.  When skiing one of these steep slopes in the past, I usually ended up flat on my back.  If not, I was off on the edge of the slope, my skis pointed into the forest, completely sideways on the mountain. … Continue Reading >

You Have a Beautiful Home

When my wife and I sold our home in St. Louis to move to Philadelphia, we interviewed a number of realtors. One of my standard questions to these realtors was, “What are the problems with this house? What do we need to change or neutralize in order to sell it for the maximum price?”… Continue Reading >

Leadership and Your Golf Swing

It took me years to figure out that effective leadership is like an effective golf swing – the harder you try, the more mulligans you need.

People don’t follow you because you are trying hard to be a leader. People follow you because you have a picture of where you want to go, an expertise regarding how to get there, and an appreciation for how others can be part of the accomplishment.… Continue Reading >

On Turning 40

On December 13th,  2007, I turned 40. No birthday before this ever caused me a day of depression, but this one got to me. Pulling a group of friends together for a great party, complete with great food, terrific wine, and a wrestling singlet with my name emblazoned on back (it would take too long to explain), I celebrated the day with my friends and got through it well.… Continue Reading >

How an Individual Star Can Become a Powerful Coach

A Boeing executive recently told me about one of the best hires he ever made. Among other things, this individual is a terrific coach. As his boss described, “he knows the right answer 95 percent of the time but spends a majority of his time asking questions, not providing answers.… Continue Reading >

Investing in Relationships

In 1993, mountain climber Greg Mortenson got lost after a failed attempt to summit K2 in the Himalayan mountains. He wandered into a remote village in Pakistan where the locals cared for him. As he recovered, he found that the 82 children of Korphe had no school building and a teacher only 3 days a week.… Continue Reading >