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Self-Improvement — Page 2

What is Your Real Job?

What is your real job?

I recently had a realization: 10-15% of my job is to be a writer. Up until now, I have treated writing as something that is peripheral to my real job of personnel assessment, coaching, and speaking.… Continue Reading >

Why Growth Leads to Regret

Some people say they aspire to live life with no regrets. Yet it is impossible to grow and develop in your life and career and not have some regrets.

When you develop as a leader, you might regret that you did not have the maturity and courage to lead earlier in your life.… Continue Reading >

Involvement Creates Buy-In

A few years ago I participated in a capital campaign to raise funds for an organization’s building improvements. A fundraising consultant was hired to facilitate the campaign. One of his foundational principles was to involve as many of the organization’s members as possible in the fundraising process.… Continue Reading >

Delegation vs. Abdication

A friend of mine recently told me about her experience serving dinner to 50 teenagers in a summer camp. She was impressed by the cook’s ability to make a great meal for a large group using only volunteer help.

The cook planned, prepared and served a meal, while also delegating jobs to the various helping hands.… Continue Reading >

Hire Yourself as a Consultant

When I was considering starting my own consulting practice, I was nervous about making the jump. An entrepreneur friend asked me the following question: “Would you be willing to advise someone else on how to start their company?” Yes, I answered.… Continue Reading >

Knowing What You Do Not Know

Research has demonstrated that people can become more pessimistic about their abilities just as their skills in that area are increasing.

For example, a group of students was asked to rate their logical reasoning skills. They were then given skills training in logical reasoning and again asked to rate their skills.… Continue Reading >

Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

I have a favorite quote from Lou Pinella, currently the manager of major league baseball team the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. He once said of a player, “That guy will never be a tough competitor. He can’t get comfortable with being uncomfortable.”… Continue Reading >

Trying to Win

Over the past year, I have gotten into bike racing (that’s road bicycles, not motorcycles).  So get ready for a new theme in this and future Performance Principles.  After a year of training and finishing well behind the pack, I finally succeeded in finishing in the top 10 racers. … Continue Reading >

Driving Through Your Fears

Last winter I was driving from Vermont to New Hampshire for a meeting. As I headed south, a true New England blizzard set in. The visibility was steadily decreasing. Cars were skidding on the highway.

I still had two hours to go in my trip.… Continue Reading >

Growing Up with Your Kids

My father-in-law was a young man when he had his first child. As a result, he describes the first years of his marriage as growing up with his kids. Despite his youth, he never felt held back by having kids when he was young.… Continue Reading >