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Small Business

Make your Small Company Stand Out to Job Candidates

Originally Published at Monster.com

Does size matter? When it comes to recruiting, small can actually be a big advantage. Follow these recommendations to inform your recruitment process at every step. You will attract A-players using your small-company culture.

Attract People Who Prefer Working for Small Companies. … Continue Reading >

How your Small Business Can Attract Top Talent

Originally Published in Monster

Your company is small but getting bigger. You don’t have a world-wide brand – yet. But you do need to find and hire A-players if you want to keep growing. If this describes your business, here are some specific tips for leveraging your current resources to find and hire A-player employees.… Continue Reading >

Couples in Business Together

As a consultant and executive coach in the Philadelphia area, I have worked with numerous married couples in business together. Here is some advice drawn from my work with these couples:

1. Define each person’s roles and responsibilities. You should absolutely make big decisions jointly, but stop trying to make every decision a joint decision.… Continue Reading >

Will You Be Able to Sell Your Business One Day?

Originally Published in Forconstructionpros.com

If you ever try to sell your business, one of the first things a potential buyer will look at is your leadership team. Do you have real leaders working for you? Are they compensated the way real leaders would expect to be?… Continue Reading >

How to Get More Value from Your Employees

Originally Published in Running Intelligence


Every business owner and executive knows that their employees could be contributing more to the business and its success. I once attended a business seminar where the speaker asked each person in the audience to raise his or her hand in the air as high as it would go.… Continue Reading >

Leaders vs. Loners

A client of mine recently lost a key manager from his business.  This departure coincided with my client’s increased desire to get re-involved in the day-to-day operations of the business.  As he got more involved, he realized that many of the employees in the business had great ideas for how things could be done better. … Continue Reading >

Walk Out of Your Store

Recently, I had the opportunity to work with a fast-growing chain of retail clothing stores. The president of the organization encourages his store managers regularly to walk out of their stores, and then walk back in. This executive is not advising his managers to take a break.… Continue Reading >